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(In reply to Tomasz W. Kozlowski from comment #3)
> Bug 23545 is only about French Wikisource, not all Wikimedia projects. 
> If you want to take away this right from bureaucrats on all wikis, please
> start a global discussion on Meta, and inform the communities through a
> MassMessage notification.
> For the French Wikisource, I would still prefer seeing a local discussion.
Do you mean the French Wiktionary ? As far as I know, it is the only wiki where
bureaucrats have this right. It has been given by error, my error.

I can create a local note for people to know about this change. But a
discussion will not change anything, I'm not acting as a local bureaucrat but
as a steward here.

(In reply to jeremyb from comment #4)
> (In reply to Quentinv57 from comment #2)
> > [[bug:23545]]
> That surely doesn't go where you wanted it to. And why needlessly redirect
> through the cluster just to end up back at this domain again?
> In the future please use this format: "bug 23545". (no quotes, Bug can be
> capitalized or not depending on context where you're using it)
> Thanks!
Sorry, my bad. I'm still not used to bugzilla :/

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