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--- Comment #7 from Nemo <> ---
While comment 0 was not particularly clear due to the "or any other wiki" part,
I think comment 6 goes a bit too far.
It's very clear from bug 23545 that this permission was added by mistake (JeLuF
commented "transwiki" but the diff says "importer"), while being a non-standard
permission it should have a local consensus and process for assigning it. This
was just a misunderstanding and is trivial to fix; even if we wanted to be
super-careful, it would be hard to find a reason anyone would object as I can't
find any importupload entry in [[wikt:fr:Special:Log/import]].
As for the general issue (if any), I'm confident that the simple but clear page
[[m:Importer]] helps avoiding future misundersandings.

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