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Ok to clarify:
*fileare not stored by their md5sum, its the md5sum of the file *name*. Deleted
files do use their sha1 sum as file name.
*however we still make the assumption pretty much everywhere that each version
of the file has a constant sha1 sum/is bit for bit identical. So any change
must be a reupload.
*the file versioning code is not well adapted to having an excessively large
number of versions of a file. (If an edit->pseudo new upload, it would probably
explode if someone made 5000 edits, especially to a large file)
*to do this automatically (or perhaps to have mallable metadata included with
the dump), it might be easier once wikidata hits commons.
*the most likely solution, at least in the meantime, i think would be to have
an extension hook up to exiftool, which allows people to modify exif on the
server side triggering upload. (Perhaps with button to import data from
wikipage). This wouldnt be as quick as as total automation, but would be
something, and more easily turned off if their is an issue 

re andre, well we dont really have image dumps anymore (afaik, which is sad)
the bug equally applies to people reusing our images from any form, or just
wget'ing them off the server. The original poster wants the data from the image
wikipage to be directly embedded in the file so that the data cannot be
separated from the file (without malicious intent) where currently its common
for reusers to lose this data if they dont care.

I agree this would be nice, think it may be difficult to do (fully) given our
current infrastructure, and ultimately is a low priority compared to other more
pressing issues we have with media files.

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