--- Comment #12 from Dan Garry <> ---
(In reply to Maryana Pinchuk from comment #11)
> * As a normal user (no advanced rights), in RC and history, I can see a
> crossed-out entry indicating that something was suppressed but *not* the
> content of the suppressed entry, the title of the suppressed entry, or the
> username of the user who submitted the suppressed entry (or the person who
> suppressed it – this, as far as I can understand, is a separate bug).

The suppression log entry (i.e. the bit that contains the name of the
oversighter) should not appear in the recent changes feed, history or watchlist
of any page. It should *only* appear in the suppression log. The same is true
of any unsuppression log entries.

This means that the actual bug is that a normal user can see the log entry at
all, as it should just be in the private suppression log. The fact the username
of the suppressor is itself suppressed is a separate bug from that.

> * As a user with oversighter rights, I can:
> ** Suppress topics and posts from the Flow board. When I do this, I get a
> confirmation message telling me the action was successful, and the content
> of the topic/post is hidden under a marker indicating that the topic/post
> was suppressed, which lets me know that the content is suppressed.
> ** See the diff of suppressed entries by following the diff link from
> RC/history.
> ** See the user who submitted the suppressed content and the user who
> suppressed it in the suppression log.

That's all correct.

> Please double-check to make sure I've summarized this appropriately - if so,
> I'll close this as fixed and we'll send it out to all wikis during our next
> LD window :)

8 hours is not a very long period of time to give people to respond! :-)

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