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(In reply to Scott Martin from comment #7)
> I think that bug 57273 is a duplicate of this in the sense that it has the
> same underlying cause. Quiddity, can you confirm that?

I'm pretty sure it is a duplicate, yes. 

To solve it all, and a bunch of other consistency-problems in the same shot, I
believe we'll need to re-examine ALL of echo's notification-messages, and
update a variety of the wording, and which elements get linked. (The
Special:Notifications messages, the Flyout messages, and the Email messages.
Many of these triplets are inconsistent, as experiments were done and community
requests were implemented.) 

Note: They're all listed in Echo.i18n.php in if anyone wants to
start a list onwiki, for us to go through. Perhaps in a new section at
[[mw:Talk:Echo_%28Notifications%29/Feature_requirements]], would be good. Or I
might if some free-time turns up! (I'm not officially working with Echo. Just
trying to help it along in my spare time.)

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