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--- Comment #4 from Philippe Verdy <> ---
Some of your "corrections" are not real corrections.

- The validator just complains about new HTML5 attributes (like srcset on
images) or elements (like bdi) which do not cause any problem. They are not
really errors
- You corrected codes that are perfectly valid (note that this is NOT ISO 639-3
which is used in HTML, but BCP 47; many valid BCP 47 codes do not exist in ISO
639-3, and many codes valid in ISO 639-3 are invalid in BCP 47 !!!)

Do not mix the (unstable) ISO 639 **language** codes with the standard BCP 47
language tags which have always been normative in HTML (including HTML4), and
stable since decennials !

Note that BCP47 uses *some* codes from ISO 639-1 (not all), *some* codes from
ISO 639-2 (not all), and only then *some* codes from IS 639-3. It also appends
*some* codes from ISO 3166-1, *some* codes from UN M.49, *some* codes from ISO
15924, and *some* codes whose origin is the BCP 47 standard track itself.

The reference database for BCP 47 is *not* on on any ISO MA, but the IANA
database for language subtags, BCP 47 documents which ISO codes may be imported
in the IANA database as subtags and how supplementary extension subtags may be
registered (for language variants, or for locales, such as the Unicode locale
extension subtags)

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