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Request 4:*

Request 15:*

Request 17:*

Request 19:*

That is:

 Request 1 (<link>; load.php?only=styles; short unversioned cache):

  ext.flow.base (styles)
  ext.flow.discussion (styles)
  ext.flow.header (styles)

 Request 2 (mw.loader; long versioned cache):

  ext.flow.base (scripts, styles, messages)
  ext.flow.discussion (scripts, styles, messages)
  ext.flow.editor (scripts, styles, messages)
  ext.flow.parsoid (scripts, styles, messages) 

 Request 3 (mw.loader; long versioned cache):

  ext.flow.editors.none (scripts, styles, messages)

 Request 4 (mw.loader; long versioned cache):

  ext.flow.header (scripts, styles, messages)

This loads base, discussion, header styles twice. And has 2 redundant http

It should be possible to merge request 3 and 4 into request 2, and change the
modules to not contain styles loaded by addModuleStyles in the same module as
one loaded with addModules.

When working on this be careful with caching. Unless Flow is not deployed
anywhere other than test wikis, or only deployed for logged in users, page html
is cached for 30 days. Which means load.php?modules=ext.flow.base&only=styles
and mw.loader.load('ext.flow.base') should remain working for a while to come
(as those are already baked in the html).

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