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(In reply to Erik Moeller from comment #15)
> What practical concerns are there with the current test page deploy?

I think you and I may fundamentally disagree about whether pissing off a local
editing community and engendering further ill will toward these type of
projects (ArticleFeedbackv5, LiquidThreads, Flow, UniversalLanguageSelector,
VisualEditor, etc.) is a practical concern. The erosion of trust and
collaboration between the Wikimedia Foundation and the active editing
communities is a very serious and practical concern, in my opinion.

As far as I know, deploying Flow will not cause anything to explode. This is
_not_ the same as saying deploying Flow will not cause any harm. I think
attempting to force this alpha discussion software on Meta-Wiki (and wherever
else next) will actively harm already battered relations.

I'll try to put it another way: if the software has virtue and merit as a
product, it should be no issue for the Flow team to establish local community
consensus to test it out. However there are over 800 Wikimedia wikis; if, after
discussion and consultation, the Meta-Wiki community decides it doesn't want to
install Flow right now, test it elsewhere. What's the issue?

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