--- Comment #5 from Pau Giner <> ---
Most of the considerations for the design have been already commented:

* Images have different aspect ratios and it is preferred for the UI to do not
keep moving around depending on the image in order to be more predictable and
less distracting.

* To optimise for repetition, scrolling position is supposed to be kept so that
those users exploring more images that are focused on the description can open
it once and keep moving with next/prev arrows.

* The main goal for the MediaViewer UI is to display the image, so even if
there is room, the area dedicated to the image is the most important thing and
distractions should be avoided. Advanced users can use shortcuts such as
opening the image in a new tab (e.g., shift + click) to access the
metadata-rich page of the image if tat is what they are looking for.

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