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(In reply to Philippe Verdy from comment #7)
> And no, your comment 2 (or any other one) did NOT poin t to the tal page you
> suggest now.

My apologies, I meant to point to comment 3. Sorry for the incorrect reference.

So I think I now understand the scope of this bug: you are stating that
incorrect HTML lang attributes are being generated on the projects with
language codes "nrm", "roa-tara", and "simple".

> The real language tags that are violating BCP 47 are for example:
> * "nrm" (it also violates ISO 639-3)

"nrm" refers to Narom language. However, IANA have not provided a language code
for Norman, so I don't know what we're meant to do here. I notice that uses the made-up code "roa-x-nrm" for this language.

> * "roa-tara" (it also violates ISO 15924)

[[roa-tara:]] has the nonsensical lang attribute value "roa-Tara", as if Tara
is a script. Again, the Tarantino dialect lacks a unique code and will probably
never get one. The portal just uses "roa" for this language.

> * "simple"

[[simple:]] has the correct lang attribute value "en".

> The language tag "pa-Guru" you "corrected" by replacing it by "pa"

Not sure who you're talking to here, but it certainly wasn't me who did this. I
doubt it was Gerard either.

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