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Even in a small wiki with only a bunch of translators that know each other,
many times I'm refraining myself from updating source (English) texts with
small improvements because

a) I don't want that such small change turns translated paragraphs back to
English, without knowing when the translators will have time to go through the

b) I don't want to mark those paragraphs as "Don't invalidate translations",
because in that case the translated versions won't notice the changes at all.

This is happening right now in a small wiki with only a handful of
editors/translators that know each other. I can imagine the distress and the
amount of English-text-in-translated-patragraphs this is causing in, say,

It looks like reverting the change creates less hassle than keeping it. If the
previous situation caused problems in the format of certain types of content
(long bullet lists? it is still unclear to me what was the format causing the
problem) then maybe those pages could be formatted differently?

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