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> (In reply to comment #8)
> > Why does this kill wm-bot migration?
> Looking at
> it seems to be fairly easy to translate it to Tools without external access.
> Just replace the "local sysadmin console" with calls to "jstart wm-bot3" and
> "jstop wm-bot3" with the added benefit that you don't need to manage a
> password, but can rely on Tools' users group.  For convenience, you can add
> scripts that start or stop all bot instances.
> I don't see a reason why you would need a bouncer because when the bot
> instance does not have network access, the bouncer will not have either; but
> if that is a must, you can start one in the start-up script ("wm-bot3" in
> the above example).  This will then be on the localhost.

The reason why bot is using bouncers isn't better stability from network point
of view, but because its core is frequently patched and restarted.

Because I don't want wm-bot to reconnect to freenode and rejoin these 180
channels everytime (putting heavy load on freenode as well) I am using
bouncers. It has nothing to do with network connectivity, it just prevents
annoying quit / joins as well as holes in channel logs.

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