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VERY COOL! These news graphs are very useful.

Calculating "last code review" is not bad, and in fact it a useful measure per
se. Jenkins reviews every new patchset within seconds, so at least we know that
no patchset will be missed because of lack of reviews. Let's go with is,
without removing the current graphs based on age of the first upload because
they are also useful. This is good enough for now, and maybe all we need.

Proposed steps:

* in "Backlog of pending reviews", add the total amount of changesets submitted
every month (optional, we can leave this for later)

* the first graph at "Are Wikimedia's staff..." can be removed; it is a bit
confusing and the second one explains better what we are looking for

* in "Are Wikimedia's staff...", add "last code review median age at a given

* in "Who is doing better and worse?", add a line for "last code review median
age at a given time", without removing review_time_pending_days_acc_median, and
sort repos by "last code review median age at a given time"

* remember the fix to make all Y axis start with zero

* also please have one graph per row (except for the list of repos, of course

* and a small detail, currently the page as some horizontal scroll, and some
graphs have no margin to the left, which I guess could be solved wrapping
everything in a <div> width:95% or something.

After this I believe your part will be ready, and then we can work on better

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