--- Comment #5 from Nik Everett <> ---
The magic indicator that you are looking for things in the user namespace is to
prefix the search with "user:".

PiRSquared, I know it isn't a great answer but you can skip the "go" behavior
in a few ways:
1.  Drop a ~ between the namespace and the search term.  That is pretty
2.  Wait for the little "containing... user:global.js" div to appear under the
search box, hit down, then hit enter.
3.  Go directly to the search page and search in the box next to the blue
search button but not the one in the top right.  You can get directly to the
search page by going to /wiki/Special:Search or by hitting enter in the search
box on the top left of any page while it is empty or by clicking on the
magnifying glass in the same box while it is empty.

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