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I agree with Quim and I'll say more, in its present state the proposed project
is certain to fail. We've already tried twice in the past (2010 and 2011):
"Extension management platform: not co-ordinated with WMF ops, too hard for
GSoC", "Extension Release Management: too hard, student's personal problems"
(quoting ). The
current proposal is slightly different but poses the same issues.
I'd say to abandon any idea that requires WMF involvement and focus on
something that can be used on WikiApiary, building upon an existing extension;
if things work out there, maybe in a year or two this will land on or similar, as opposed to complete failures that we keep
regretting for half a decade or more. Probably the best option are existing
rating extensions, but they need some exploration ; I
think the only one with some usage and semi-active maintainers is VoteNY?

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