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> add("selser", "References: 5. ref tags in references should be processed
> while ignoring all other content 5", "A <ref name=\"a\" />\nB <ref
> name=\"b\">bar</ref>\n\n<references\n\n<references>\n<ref
> name=\"a\">foo</ref>\nThis should just get lost.\n</references>");
> Subbu: This looks like a real bug that needs investigation and fixing.

Started looking at this, and this is looking extremely familiar -- this is a
dsr issue and has something to do with how references tag with embedded content
is processed. I remember investgating this 2-3 months back and getting
distracted and dropping the ball on it. Am continuing with this now and see
what the specific issue was that got in the way then. With the bug report, less
likely to forget about it if I get pulled into something else :).

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