--- Comment #15 from Andre Klapper <> ---
I just killed the "dbzip2" component in "Tools" by moving its one valid and
closed ticket to "Datasets".

Trying to break this into actionable subtasks:
* grabbers (1 ticket): 
  Added in bug 55351 but as long as it's not an extension I am tempted
  to throw it into the "Wikimedia>General/Unknown" waters.
* WM-Bot (33): We have "wikibugs IRC bot" already under "Wikimedia", so
  WM-Bot could also go into its component under "Wikimedia". I've always
  been confused how dispersed our IRC related Bugzilla components are.
* mwdumper (44): This is somehow Datasets related so could become a
  component under "Datasets"?

Harder parts:
* code-utils (4 tickets): 
  PHP stuff. Can't see a good fit somewhere else.
* PhotoCommons-WP (9), VIAF (13): 
  Some external tools, not sure how actively maintained
* [other] (20, two open): 
  Random and mostly misfiled stuff. Theoretically could be dumped into 
  "Wikimedia>General/Unknown" or such.

If we cannot or do not want to move stuff somewhere else, I'd propose renaming
"Tools" to "Utilities".

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