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Note that this is not just about "semantic" extensions...

> Does not seem to exist in

Heh. Less work then!

> Note that ... components that are disabled for new bug entry. ...

Sure, that's fine.

> Will you update the Extension homepages

Yes. Those should already have been updated actually... so many things to get

> What should happen with the existing open tickets in

Remove them. Like I said, either they are not relevant, or they have been
migrated already.

> Out of curiosity, what's the code location plan for vs 
> Github? Mirroring?

Depends on the extension. For SMW we have been using GitHub as our primary repo
and issue tracker for quite some time now. Every now and then we sync the code
with the WMF repo for i18n updates (if twn supported GitHub, we'd have gotten
rid of the WMF repo by now).

> That's currently watched (default assignee) by wikidata-bugs@ so I assume it 
> requires clarification how to make sure that ticket notifications in GitHub 
> are still send to the Wikidata crew.

I'm part of the Wikidata crew and assure you the relevant people are watching
the GitHub repo.

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