--- Comment #11 from Jeroen De Dauw <> ---
> Looks like most still link to Bugzilla via "Bugs: list open | list all | 
> report" plus pages also often still link to

The bugzilla links are gone now. I am also updating the pages. They have not
been the primary documentation for some time and are outdated in several ways.
I'll be fixing that.

> Happy to close them in Bugzilla and edit their descriptions once its clear 
> what happens to its currently existing bug reports

Like I said, I went though them and they have already been migrated to the new
issue trackers if they where still relevant.

> plus after extension wikipages link to the current bugtracker location.

Since these pages are no longer the primary place where the documentation is
(it is in the README of the appropriate library (yes library, not extension)),
the only thing they should really do is point to the actual docs. The pages
could be deleted, if it were not for that breaking old links we might still
have at places.

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