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> (In reply to Lokal_Profil from comment #1)
> > Just tested the above in different skins:
> > * Vector: I get the above result
> > * Monobok: I get the correct result (see attachment)
> > * Modern: I get nothing
> > * Cologne: I get nothing
> What do you mean, "I get nothing".  I see:
> Modern
> (
> Myinodes_interpunctaria?gettingStartedReturn=true&useskin=modern) - Buttons
> side by side.
> ColoneBlue
> (
> Myinodes_interpunctaria?gettingStartedReturn=true&useskin=cologneblue) -
> Buttons vertically
> Where the buttons are might vary, but it should work.

Looked closer at this (CologneBlue and Modern) and not sure what is going on.
Firefox (27.0.1): 
* I don't see any buttons for when logged in to my normal account(s)
* Buttons appear when logged out.
* Buttons appear when logged in to a fresh account
* Buttons appear independently of whether I'm logged in.

Seems like it is a clash between the code for moving categories to the top of
the page in my common.js (same as that in the Commons gadget which
doesn't affect those skins anyhow.

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