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(In reply to Nemo from comment #7)
> Hm, hackathon is approaching quickly, is this considered important for its
> success or just a nice to have?

Yes, it's important, and I will definitely be doing bug 61060 before the Zürich

> Based on my latest personal experience with MWV
> (<>), I wonder if network
> and file fetch is really the bottleneck or once we solve it we'll find worse
> problems, like the 2 hours required for the initial puppet run in the first
> "vagrant up".

Yes, most of the time is used in downloading.  For instance, generally most of
the Puppet time is used for downloading the entire MediaWiki core git
repository (with all history).  That is one of the files I will be bundling
with bug 61060.

> Perhaps it's easier to use remote virtual servers instead? They have better
> network, usually better CPU, and most importantly can even be set up in
> advance. Then the hackers only have to learn keys and ssh (which they have
> anyway) and they can still use their local text editors and whatever via
> their [[KIOslaves]] or equivalent if that's a problem.

This is worth investigating/trying, but I won't be looking at it before Zürich.

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