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Hi, this problem is still present in the backups of the Spanish Wikipedia. It
is hard to calculate the number of articles affected, but they are among those
modified between January and April 2009. No affected articles have been
observed so far out of this range of time.

Articles affected (i.e. articles showing a wrong content in the periodic
backups including the last published one:
eswiki-20100221-pages-articles.xml.bz2) seem to be the same in different

Here are some examples of wrong content:

Article [[:es:Escudo de la Polinesia Francesa]] shows contents belonging to
[[:es:Anexo:Gobernadores de Corrientes]]

Article [[:es:Pleurodema]] shows contents belonging to [[:es:Aviación virtual]]

Redirect [[:es:Candelilla]] points to [[:es:Eugène Scribe]] instead of
[[:es:Euphorbia antisyphilitica]].

Redirect [[:es:Knut Schreiner]] points to [[:es:Euphorbia antisyphilitica]]
instead of [[:es:Euroboy]]

Here is an upper bound to the number of articles affected (i.e. articles
updated between January and April 2009): 44193 articles/annexes, 5634 files on
other space names and 99067 redirects. Contrary to articles, redirects are easy
to check and I can say that almost all of them show a wrong content in the last
For instance, these are the redirects updated on the first hour of March first,
2009 and they are all wrong:

'Aeropuerto de Ontario' --> 'Agustín de Pedrayes'
'Corno' --> 'El aprendiz de brujo (Dukas)'
'Kenneth Burrell' --> 'Aeropuerto Internacional LA/Ontario'
'Oro amarillo' --> 'Emo'
'Claro de Luna (Beethoven)' --> 'oro'
'Claro de Luna (Maupassant)' --> 'Sonata para piano n.º 14 (Beethoven)'
'Claro de luna (Debussy)' --> 'Sonata para oboe y piano (Poulenc)'
'Idioma retorromance' --> 'Adrenalynn'
'Boubacar traoré' --> 'Suite bergamasque'
'Rodrigo Sepúlveda Lara' --> 'Claro de luna (astronomía)'
'Oxnard' --> 'Rodrigo Sepúlveda'

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