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(In reply to Quim Gil from comment #36)
> Ah, ok, I guess I had confused that "-2" with rejected/abandoned. So these
> -2 are still open. Understood, thank you.


> What I don't understand is the flat line that repositories like Babel have.
> If there is only one changeset and the median age at the end of February was
> 301 days, it cannot be 301 days a month earlier as well, right?

Let me see ... the flat line for Babel starts at May 2013 according to

And this is ok with the review opened at 7 May and already pending.

No more open reviews are pending, so each month the median review time for
pending is the same, the review time for this pending review.

Remember that the review time is computed for all submissions using the NOW

> That changeset was uploaded on May 7, 2013, and if this was the only patch
> around I would expect a line starting with 24 days at the end of May, 54 at
> the end of June... until the current 301. Or am I missing something?

The way we are computing this metric is a bit different. 

What do you think? Hmmm, it make sense what your are expecting so maybe we need
to rework this metric. The computing of the metric is more difficult using your

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