--- Comment #63 from Nemo <> --- is quite mysterious for me, I'm
unable to extract any meaningful information from it.
* "pending" graph has no legend, the ? icon does nothing. Worth noting if
you're filtering any repo, or -1/-2 commits, or not.
* "Review time in days": absolutely no idea what this is. The legend is just a
tautology so it doesn't explain anything: "Review time in days: Median review
time in days".
* "submitted vs. Merged changes vs. Abandoned": this is the only clear part of
the page. :)
* "code reviews waiting for reviewer" doesn't make any sense, a code review
(which is composed by comments and a label like +1, +2) always as an author.
Perhaps this means "commits waiting for reviews", but from the examples below I
can't tell.
* "code reviews waiting for submitter" presumably means "commits waiting for
merge" ("submit" is ambiguous, better not use it). Note that merge depends on
+2 which is one code review label. If that's the meaning, 
* "Top Successful submitters" per above, confusing: do you mean commit authors,
or commit mergers/approvers/+2'er? 

Note that self-merges have not been excluded yet, but they're in the process of
being filtered at last according to bug 37463 comment 30.

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