--- Comment #3 from Tisza Gergő <> ---
(In reply to Jean-Fred from comment #2)
> It appears to make sense, for languages like [ja] or [fa].
> [fa] <>
> [ja] <>

Those also seem to use "CC-BY 3.0" as the short name, though.

> Wouldn’t it make more sense to have these messages in Extension:Wikimedia
> Creative Commons license texts & Extension:Wikimedia license texts though?
> (if  it is possible to leverage on those from MMV afterwards of course?)

I couldn't find those, did you mean Extension:WikimediaMessages? That is a
(fairly ugly) hack to override generic translations with WMF-specific ones; it
only makes sense when there is a generic message defined by some other
(But it would be nice to have these texts at a more central location instead of
MultimediaViewer, yeah.)

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