--- Comment #2 from James Alexander <> ---
(In reply to Sorawee Porncharoenwase from comment #1)
> Then, what category should unblockself be in? The closest one I can see is
> blockusers, but it doesn't make sense to be like that. If people want to
> unblock themselves, why do they have to grant right to block other people?

Personally I'm not completely sure it even needs to be available through oAuth.
The potential for misuse is higher then the possible saved effort of going into
the interface to unblock. It's a very isolated use case which you really don't
want to be scripted because it could get completely out of control (especially
if normal admins do not have the ability to pull a consumer's registration).
That right makes the bot or user technically unblockable, I think forcing you
to go into the normal interface to do that seems perfectly reasonable. 

That said if we really want it in the system somehow then the block/unblock
users group seems like the right spot. You should have the ability to unblock
users if you have the ability to block users. The main use case I can see
(again incredibly rare) is unblocking yourself after you blocked yourself for
some reason.

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