--- Comment #2 from Prateek Saxena <> ---
* Resources being loaded:
 * mediawiki.api
 * mediawiki.jqueryMsg
 * moment [5]
* schema.Popups being loaded if EventLogging[4] is present
* Resources for the extension itself:
 * resources/ext.popups.core.js
 * resources/ext.popups.core.less
 * resources/ext.popups.animation.less

Apart from the request being made to load the resources a request[1] is made
every time a user hovers over a link, this request is aborted if the mouse
moves elsewhere. Amongst other things the API call also requests for a 300px
thumbnail using the PageImages extension. All successful requests are cached[2]
in JavaScript.

* Animations are being done in CSS.
* Links clicks are being hijacked[3] for logging events.


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