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We'll investigate why it bombed so spectacularly. We have had various fixes
over time that should have prevented this from happening, but there will still
be some corner cases that will get through. The current parser and Parsoid
parse wikitext using very different techniques. Because of that, it is not
possible to replicate the PHP parser behavior in all broken wikitext cases.

In addition, check the bug report I linked to here. As part of GSoC (and
possibly OPW), we are going to have 1/2 students work on surfacing all the
broken wikitext information for fixups (either by bots or editors via a tool).
See the linked bug report for more info.

But, we could also consider exposing some of it to VE, but we are not sure if
that is a direction we want to go yet since that adds additional complexity to
VE, especially when Parsoid won't know a priori what kind of broken wikitext
will cause these kind of failures to happen. It might be better to put the
energy into getting this wikitext fixup tool in place. The hope is that we'll
have something usable in 6 months.

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