Bug ID: 62346
           Summary: [Interlanguage links] Default languages shown for an
                    Italian user can be improved
           Product: MediaWiki extensions
           Version: master
          Hardware: All
                OS: All
            Status: NEW
          Severity: enhancement
          Priority: Unprioritized
         Component: UniversalLanguageSelector
       Web browser: ---
   Mobile Platform: ---

0) Move to Italy and more precisely Milan
I. says Geo =
1) Enable the beta feature for compact interlanguage links at
2) Visit the main page and check the interlanguage links.

II. Observed:

In other languages
    Edit links
    Complete list
    277 more languages

III. Expected: it's near impossible that I care about català, furlan,
Nnapulitano or sicilianu especially as I'm not in any of those regions; and
rather rare that I could care for Ελληνικά, hrvatski or slovenščina. On the
other hand:
a) I surely want to see all the languages most studied in Italy, i.e. English
[when I'm not on an en wiki], French, Spanish, Latin and maybe Russian (in this
b) I probably want the (romance) languages which are most closely related to
Italian and likely to be useful for a superficial reading, like Portuguese and
Romanian in addition to Spanish and French;
c) I may want the other languages historically taught in schools ex law
492/1995 i.e. sq, ca, fr, hr, fur, el, oc, frp, sl, de, fr, srd, lld BUT only
in the regions where they are relevant if we're able to make such a
d) native languages of biggest immigrant populations (over 100k inhabitants)
i.e. the languages of Romania, Albania, Morocco, China, Ukraine, Philippines,
Moldova, Poland, perhaps only if in centre-north Italy where the 85 % of them
e) *perhaps* the regional italic languages, but only where in active use if
we're able to make such a geolocation.

for a-c,
for d.

I read "All the (main) languages of the same *family* should be shown in it",
this would solve (b) and most of (a); I also read "Include minor languages from
the user region" but this is not currently possible because we only consider

Note how Nnapulitano and sicilianu are not in any of a-c, they can be safely
removed; Ελληνικά, català, furlan, hrvatski, slovenščina are in (c), but are
only relevant in very limited territories even if we include the margin of
error in geolocation for Slovene and Croatian (I doubt Greek??) users, they
should probably not be displayed; Spanish, Romanian and Albanese are at the top
of several points, so they can safely be added.

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