--- Comment #5 from Dan Garry <> ---
I too am unable to replicate this bug outside the given example.

I attempted to restore and then redelete the page in question to see if this
fixed the problem. It did not, but in fact exposed more strangeness.

If the deleted page is restored, two results appear when you search for the
page instead of one. The first gives the current revision of the page, and the
second buggy one is tied to a specific revision on 21 November 2013, which was
the most recent revision before the page was deleted. See attachment 1 for

If the page is edited, then the information for the first entry updates, but
the second one does not as it's tied to the out of date revision. Interestingly
this applies to everything except the description, in which changes to this
affect *both* versions of the page. See attachment 2 for screenshot.

I'm still unsure what caused the page to still be indexed after it was deleted.
Perhaps we should add some code somewhere to ensure that each page can have an
entry in the index?

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