--- Comment #9 from 2010-03-01 01:48:30 UTC ---
Proofreader77 wrote: "The only way I could get it to display without freezing
was to upload an image that was exactly the size that was needed. (I.E., if you
used "px" at all, the image froze.)"

This is how animated GIF images were put in wikipedia articles for a long time. 

Any GIF scaling is better than none. At least as concerns static GIF images. So
I suggest turning the GIF scaling back on even if it converts animated GIFs
into static-image thumbs when scaling is attempted with "px" being added.

For more explanation why please see:

See also:

There are a couple, almost 1-megabyte animated GIFs in those sections. It makes
no sense to make dialup users have to wait minutes to see a page. A
low-kilobyte static image is an improvement. It is better that people go back
to the old method for inserting the animated GIF in a Wikipedia article. IE,
creating the specific size. 

Derk-Jan Hartman wrote: "There have been 5 threads about this on VP/T
already. Better no thumbs I think." 

Those VP/T threads have been asking that the thumbnailing be turned on, and not
off. Those threads are linked from the Graphics Village Pump links in my

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