--- Comment #1 from Gabriel Wicke <> ---
There is a videoinfo API end point that provides a mediatype and a link to the
full-size resource, which we can set in a <source> tag inside <video> or
<audio>. It also seems to support everything we currently get from imageinfo,
so I guess we can just switch to using that.|mediatype

There is also prop=transcodestatus, which returns the list of transcodes for a
video [1]. This should be used by the client as the list of transcodes changes
over time (after upload, when new sizes are added). It currently also only
seems to work locally, so the API request for a video on commons needs to go to
commons [2]. I guess that could be fixed in the API in the longer term. The
current resource attribute is always a relative link, which makes it somewhat
hard for a client to discover that they'll need to contact commons. Maybe this
can be worked around client-side though by a) sending the API request to both
commons and the local wikis, or b) fixing prop=transcodestatus to always work
in the local wiki. In a perfect world all our media was on commons anyway so we
could just use a single API all the time.


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