--- Comment #91 from Chris Steipp <> ---
Sorry to pollute this bug with operational details, but since gerrit 77645
looks ready to merge, we have to do a little dance to make sure we don't break
things in the WMF environment-- namely CentralAuth copies the user_password
field when it merges accounts, so CentralAuth needs to use the new password
classes also.

I think I'll merge gerrit 77645, and then at the WMF, we'll set
$wgPasswordDefault = 'B' temporarily for all wikis. We'll update CentralAuth to
use the Password class, and then we'll remove the $wgPasswordDefault in our
environment so users will start using pbkdf2. Once we're using pbkdf2, we'll
run the maintenance script to layer all wiki's passwords with pbkdf2-legacyB.

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