--- Comment #1 from Peter Bena <> ---
Summary of why wm-bot isn't going to be moved so far:

2 blocker bugs that aren't going to be fixed: - not being fixed result
in wm-bot being randomly killed as linux kernel allocates for it non-sense vmem
(this happens for unknown reasons, I need to talk to some kernel guru's in
order to understand why it happens). Until this is fixed the wm-bot would be
very unstable - no query relaying means
that very useful module NetCat wouldn't work. This would decrease the bot
functionalities significantly and would be very unfortunate. The bug is not
going to be fixed which means the wm-bot would have only limited
functionalities within tools project

In addition there is a number of complex issues that would need to be changed
in core only and only in order to make it work within tools project environment
(these are rather useless patches that wouldn't need to exist in any other
environment). Most of these issues require dozen of classess being rewritten a
lot and lot of developer work which result only in simple optimization for
tools project, so the end user of wm-bot wouldn't even see any difference (from
my point of view useless hard work that produces no fruit).

Wm-bot already works on separate instance, utilize it very well, and react very
bad if the instance is shared / or running any other processes. The instance
can be very small and wm-bot naturally requires little CPU and operating memory
(vmem is some nonsense calculated by kernel to which SGEN on tools is bound, so
even if WM-Bot itself run perfectly with 500 MB of ram, it would die OOM even
if it allocated 2GB of ram on SGEN box).

We are already using separate projects / instances on wikimedia project for
from my point of view "useless non-sense" like some super-huge dumps of 3rd
wiki's, empty instances called just "bob" which nobody knows what they are for
and some under optimized bots or tools that consume 30000 times more resources
than they would need if they were written properly. For this reason I see no
reason why wm-bot couldn't have own super small instance where it happily
lives, instead of being migrated to complex grid such as tool labs which is
more than unsuitable for a bot like this.

On other hand I can see a number of reasons why it SHOULD run on separate
instance. One of them is simply, that it would need less resources. As I
already mentioned wm-bot can happily live with minimum RAM, because of SGEN
limitations, it would however need to request at least 2gb or more of VMEM for
it to work, which is significantly more than it needs and a huge waste. Given
the architecture of bot, being able to access the instance where it lives is
very helpful (not possible on tools) as well as being able to setup multiple
separate filesystems for different components of bot (for IO optimizations) not
possible on labs as well.

In nutshell: running wm-bot on tools grid is as easy as running oracle or
postgre rdbms on tools grid.

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