--- Comment #8 from Rich Schroeppel <> 2010-03-01 21:51:09 UTC 
I found the original suggestion to turn off scripting was helpful.
It allowed me to use the site, albeit with somewhat reduced functionality.
(This also fixed some problems I was having with Google and Google News!?)
I needed scripting for some other sites, so I was turning it on & off
frequently.  Sometime, maybe in January, I forgot to turn off scripting,
and discovered that my Wikipedia problem had gone away, and things now worked
even with scripting ON.  Similarly, Google and Google News again worked with
scripting turned ON.
I can only guess that the banners were the problem.
I suspect in the case of Google that their search-completion feature was
the problem.  I can't imagine how that relates to the WP funding banner.

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