--- Comment #7 from Niharika <> ---
Checks to show the feature in BFs list:
$wgULSCompactLinks && $wgInterwikiMagic == true && $wgHideInterlanguageLinks ==
This will ensure the feature is available on wikis which have interlanguage
links irrespective of ULS position IFF $wgULSCompactLinks is true. 

Checks to load the module: 
$wgULSCompactLinks && class_exists( 'BetaFeatures' ) &&
BetaFeatures::isFeatureEnabled( $out->getUser(), 'uls-compact-links' )

We check the global flag in addition to checking whether the user has opted for
the beta feature or not. This is important because if we don't check it here
and the flag is turned false at some point of time, then the users will be
stuck with the feature ON and will have no way to turn it OFF.

I hope that clears it up.

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