--- Comment #3 from Bartosz Dziewoński <> ---
(In reply to Matthew Flaschen from comment #2)
> However (for anyone unfamiliar), there are already clashing accounts which
> are exactly the same other than case.
> So for existing wikis, this requires a way to resolve those conflicts (and
> different wikis may want different rules for this).  That means it probably
> has to be a config option, potentially defaulting to case-insensitive for
> new wikis.

This naturally can be the case, and we will naturally have to provide such a
upgrade path for wiki owners (and yes, probably keep the case-insensitivity off
by default, or only enable it if we can confirm there are no conflicts

Still I'd risk a guess that this won't be a major issue – especially on WMF
sites, as these have the AntiSpoof extension enabled, which blocks the creation
of such conflicting usernames already.

> Also, case-insensitive does not mean the same thing
> in every language, and it's not the same as "just lower case them both then
> compare them".

Well, I think it actually is, but it's the lowercasing part that's difficult :)
We have luckily solved the issue already in our Language class, so regular
wikis won't have any issues (just use the wiki content language for
comparison). We'll have to come up with something cleverer for multi-language
farms with shared users (like WMF wikis), though.

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