--- Comment #2 from Jerome Potts <> ---
The Extension:Scribunto page at presents it as: "...allows for
embedding scripting languages in MediaWiki. Currently the only supported
scripting language is Lua".
I like Rexx, with its built-in string functions, and i am wondering if
Scribunto will "support" other scripting languages, as the quoted text above
seems to state such a possibility.

Using the said string manipulation functions should make it very easy to write
templates for a Mediawiki installation. The French Wikisource does not
currently have the String Lua module which can be found on the English
Wikipedia. With Rexx, i believe that i could have such functions (and possibly
better ones too) available in a very short time.

Back to the possibility of Scribunto to host various scripting languages, this
would make it more accessible to various programmers who have different
preferred programming languages.

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