--- Comment #24 from Andre Klapper <> ---
Looks good to me; thanks!

(In reply to Santiago DueƱas from comment #21)
> I've also include some help messages to clarify what the charts mean. Please
> have a look to the message and let me know whether you understand them or
> not, or if you want to change some terms, for instance, tickets to
> bugs/reports, etc.

* Typo: "Unnatended Tickets"
* Typo: "had no actions by ohters than the reporter."
* Clicking on the explanation button (qm_15.png icon; "?" in a square) in the
  four last of the six graphs scrolls up to the top of the page in FF27.
* Unattended vs uncommented: I'd still love to see an explanation of the
  difference to make sure that everybody understands, maybe in the header in 
  brackets, like "Unattended tickets (no activity by anybody else than 
  reporter)" and "Uncommented tickets" (no comments by anybody else than
  reporter)" or so?

> I still have to add the number of bugs in the info boxes and filter those 
> components that are not key projects.

I think I'll reevaluate after we have this functionality in place (plus
zooming, maybe).

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