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--- Comment #4 from Markus Krötzsch <> 2010-03-02 
14:19:16 UTC ---
I understand the problem now. Some languages use "." as a decimal separator
while others use ",". In some languages, one of "." and "," is furthermore
accepted as a(n optional) separator for thousands. In other languages, the
separator for thousands is only space, and no other symbols is allowed.
Therefore, it is important to use the right input syntax for the language
setting. Unfortunately, it is not possible to support all syntactic forms that
are used internationally for numbers at once since there are cases where the
value is ambiguous across languages. Here are some examples:

* 4,123 in English is a number above four thousand
* 4.123 in English is the number four with a fraction
* 4,123 in German is the number four with a fraction
* 4.123 in German is a number above four thousand
* 4,123 in French is the number four with a fraction
* 4.123 in French is not a number, since "." is not understood in French
numbers. Hence SMW falls back to considering the unclear part of the input as a
unit, so the value becomes the number four in the unit ".123".

You can see the values of "MediaWiki:smw_decseparator" and
"MediaWiki:smw_kiloseparator" for finding out what the respective syntactic
conventions are for your language. You can also change the values locally if
you find that, for some reason, the users of your French or German wiki write
numbers in English.

This explains the unwanted display. Adjust your writing to your language, or
vice versa to fix the problem. If you think that the localisation of number
parsing to some language is wrong, then this would be a bug in the SMW
translation that can be fixed on

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