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(The pagination URL is now

We can't use this in links back to the board because it shows 10 topics *after*
the topic named in topiclist_offset-id; upon return to the page you want to see
10 topics *starting* at the named topic. I probably shouldn't confuse the
permalink to show a post in context on its board with pagination.

Maybe we've got it backward: the current permalink URL
Talk:Sandbox?workflow=rpjeobchlzbmpch2#flow-post-rpjkbery5353veo5 should show
you the board starting at the topic rpjeobchlzbmpch2, and to see the post in
isolation you would use a URL like Special:Flow/post/rpjkbery5353veo5 (which
works as a wiki link), with the "This topic was started on Talk:Sandbox" link
going to the former URL.

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