--- Comment #4 from Nathan Larson <> ---
I suspect most MediaWiki installations probably have robots.txt set up, as
recommended at [[mw:Manual:Robots.txt#With_short_URLs]], with

User-agent: *
Disallow: /w/

See for example:


So, they couldn't retrieve action=raw even if they wanted to. In fact, if I
were to set up a script to download it, might I not be in violation of
robots.txt, which would make my script an ill-behaving bot? I'm not sure my
moral fiber can handle an ethical breach of that magnitude. However, some sites
do allow indexing of their edit and raw pages, e.g.

Dramatica and RationalWiki use all kinds of secret sauces, though, so who knows
what's going on there. Normally, edit pages have a <meta name="robots"
content="noindex,nofollow" /> but that's not the case with Dramatica or
RationalWiki edit pages. Is there some config setting or extension that changes
the robot policy on edit pages? Also, I wonder if they had to tell the Internet
Archive to archive those pages, or if the Internet Archive just did it on its
own initiative.

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