--- Comment #4 from Matthew Flaschen <> ---
(In reply to Bartosz Dziewoński from comment #3)
> > Also, case-insensitive does not mean the same thing
> > in every language, and it's not the same as "just lower case them both then
> > compare them".
> Well, I think it actually is, but it's the lowercasing part that's difficult
> :)

No, there are cases where lowercasing them both them comparing is probably not
the desired behavior.

For example:

mb_strtoupper( 'ς' ) === mb_strtoupper( 'Σ' ) === 'Σ'

Thus, most people would probably consider 'ς' and 'Σ' equal ignoring case.


mb_strtolower( 'ς' ) ->  ς
mb_strtolower( 'Σ' ) -> σ

so a simple lower-case (even a multi-byte one), then a binary compare will not

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