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In that case I suspect it's time we double check that the release script
doesn't boldly fetch master.

Even with a .0 release (e.g. 1.20.0) bundling master is a problem because when
the bundle is made, it will have been X amount of time since the core branch
and extension branches were created and more often than not, breaking changes
are held back and land as soon as we branch, and then extensions are updated to
work with it.

We ran into other bugs in the past when a 1.x.0 release was bundled with the
then-latest-master versions of extensions (Cite, Vector, WikiEditor etc.,
released by Mark H. that time). This was a hurdle to deal with, and lead to all
kinds of awkward bug reports on bugzilla and the support desk for many months
to come that we couldn't really do much with.

Especially for later point releases it is very important not to fetch master
since it will have been a long time since that release was originally branched
from master.

Assuming that this was not fixed and we've been bundling master all this time
for all releases, perhaps it's time to roll out a minor release back to 1.19.x
fixing the extension versions back to where they should be?

Or at least for those extensions in those releases where we know things broke
(e.g. 1.19 and Renameuser). And of course to fix the script (assuming it isn't
done by hand, are these instructions documented somewhere) to do it right from
now on.

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