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> (In reply to Pharos from comment #31)
> > Even as the user who was thanked or who did the thanking, I can't tell from
> > the log what edit this is for.
> > 
> > I got a notice when I was originally thanked, perhaps a few months ago, but
> > AFAIK there is no way for me to reconstruct that now.
> You should be able to find details in your [[Special:Notifications]] page,
> although I don't know how far back that archive extends. 
> I vaguely recall a discussion about it only going back 365 days, but that
> might have been a suggestion, rather than the actual implementation. 
> If anyone knows/finds out, please document it at
> Feature_requirements#Echo_Notification_Storage

While digging through your [[Special:Notifications]] page may be possible, it
is entirely impractical to expect to be able to find a notification even a
month ago when you receive dozens of mentions and talk page notifications
daily.  Don't forget that the notifications page only loads a few results at a
time and you have to actively click on "show more" to get the next chunk.  That
means if you average 15 notifications a day, this is a few clicks to load each
day's notifications and if you want something that was a month back, likely 100
or more clicks to get back that far.  It should simply be available in the log
which offers at least some filtering so you can show results that were in or
before month of year.

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