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Thanks for taking a look at this.

AlexZ made a comment on bug 22134 and said that "my guess is that the cite
templates are slow due to feature bloat and over-standardization." Was he
referring to page editing only, and not page viewing (except right after a
save, of course.)

I made an assumption that template interpretation had a negative effect on
rendering time based on his comment and other comments made by WP editors who
complained that when a page uses a lot of templates, esp. citation templates,
the page takes a long time to render. Based on your comments above, template
interpretation isn't the issue there, though it's probably an issue when
editing the page. Citation/core adds extra markup, but given how fast browsers
deal with that markup, I'd be surprised if the browser side of things made any
difference except in edge cases. 

I think the code simplification might make this an idea worth pursuing. I
probably wouldn't use a template as the instances where it would help are
already generating complaints about template performance, so even a marginal
change in the wrong direction isn't a good idea.

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