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I still don't see what justifies the nuking, because we're dealing with a
fullscreen experience, not a modal like Facebook. Moreover, unlike Facebook (I
have to keep referring to them because they were the only example I could find
that does something similar to what is suggested here) the navigating
experience can start with media viewer.

For example, someone shares a media viewer link with me:

Clearly, this is about the image. I navigate the gallery a bit, which has
similar images that I enjoy. Then I close the lightbox and end up on an
article. That's not where my navigation started. Yet at this point, the history
gets nuked. I want to get back to these images I was looking at, and I can't.
It's a terrible experience.

Now, of course, if you guys want to stay stubborn about the nuking idea, you'll
start introducing rules like "well, we won't nuke the history if the person
starts navigating from a media viewer link". This assumes that you can guess
intent, i.e. what people are visiting either the article of the image for. We
can't read people's minds, there's no way of knowing if they're more interested
in the article-centric history or the image-centric history. Plus, it
introduces inconsistency. Users have to literally guess something about our
implementation to understand why sometimes the history gets nuked and sometimes
it doesn't.

I think the mediawiki bias of "the articles are everything" is affecting your
judgement. Forget mediawiki for a second: if the URL changes and the entire
screen changes, isn't the de-facto web standard that this should be a permanent
entry in your browsing history?

Another argument is that the alternative to media viewer (which it's trying to
replace) is going straight to the file page. That affects your browser history.
With backwards UX compatibilty in mind, media viewer should affect browser
history permanently.

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