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Pro's and con's of permanent stats have been discussed endlessly over the
years. Current inclination among analytics team and key users is to favor it.
Updating historic stats due to new insights is deemed less important than
giving the user a sense of stability. Updating due to bug fixing if still on
the table. 

Technically it could be added as feature to current wikistats scripts, as 
follows: a runtime argument tells Wikistats whether to update all historic
months or only a range of months (default last month only).

Then all or some routines in for updating all or some csv
files need to be adjusted, to not add/replace all data for a given wiki, but
only for a given period. 

A minimal implementation would be to do this only for key metrics in

As future of dump based Wikistats scripts is uncertain (HADOOP will likely take
over) costs may outweigh benefits.

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