Bug ID: 62526
           Summary: Allow multiple sitelinks from wiki
           Product: MediaWiki extensions
           Version: unspecified
          Hardware: All
                OS: All
            Status: UNCONFIRMED
          Severity: normal
          Priority: Unprioritized
         Component: WikidataRepo
       Web browser: ---
   Mobile Platform: ---

English wikipedia, for example, does not allow multiple articles about the same
topic however it does allow in many cases does have an article, a list, a
Category, a Portal and a wikiproject about the same topic and there is no
reason why these should not all link to the same wikidata item, just as a
wikipedia article and a wikivoyage article about the same topic both link to
the same wikidata item.

Wikidata should allow links to articles in different namespaces. Wikibaseclient
can then extract language links to corresponding namespaces. Each of these
Client pages can have templates which data extracted from the same item on the

There is a case for allowing sitelinks to multiple items in the same namespace
- e.g. articles and lists are in different namespaces on the Spanish and
portugese wikipedias but in the same namespace on english and other wikipedias

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