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The treatment of \color is very different between the two versions. 
Looking at
we see
"The \color command in the core TeX input jax is not standard in that it takes
the mathematics to be colored as one of its parameters, whereas the LaTeX
\color command is a switch that changes the color of everything that follows

This means in texvc we have
   <math>foo \color{Red} Red text \color{Black} bar</math>
which breaks mathjax. 

You can fix things so that
   <math>foo {\color{Red}{Red text}} bar</math>
which seems to work with both mathjax and also texvc. Note it needs the text to
be colored in { } so mathjax recognises the first argument, and also { } around
the whole thing so texvc does not get confused.

A further issue is the colors supported. LaTeX's colors are

Apricot    Aquamarine    Bittersweet    Black
Blue    BlueGreen    BlueViolet    BrickRed 

But MathJax only support colors with CSS names. So no Apricot, Bittersweet,
BlueGreen or BrickRed. You can see the difference by viewing
with the different renderers.

There is MathJax color.js extension. Which makes the color handling like the
texvc and I think define latex rather than CSS colors. It might be worth

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